2019 tournament rules

review the tournament rules below or download a copy for your reference

Please visit the Tourney Format page if you have questions about how the brackets will be set up this year.

Download a Copy of the Tournament Rules

Please note: Rules may be changed on amount of teams and/or weather conditions


  • Team members must be 18 years of age or older (2019 and prior graduates are eligible)
  • 5 men and 5 women must play in the field
    • Hint always have at least one extra woman on your team.
  • 2 men and 2 women must be in both the infield and outfield
  • 1 man and 1 woman as pitcher and catcher
  • All team members need to have a waiver filled out prior to playing.
    • Waivers are located at the registration tent or are located on the website. www.bamtournament.com
    • Once your waiver is turned in at the registration tent, you will receive a wristband that needs to on in order to play for both days. If you need a new wristband for day two, please go to the registration tent to get one.
  • All teams need to be ready to play 30 minutes prior to game time.


  • Batter will start with a 1 and 1 count
  • Batting line-up alternates between men and women
  • Batting order must consist of five men and five women or six men and six women
  • Every player in the batting order must play the field at least one inning during the game. This rule does not apply to “mercy run” games
  • Designated Hitter (DH) We are going to allow a DH for a player in the field. The DH will not have to play in the field. In essence, 2 players are acting as 1. Must be a male player for male player and a female player for female player. Player A is the hitting half and player B is the fielding half. Therefore the playing in the field for 1 inning requirement is being met. These 2 players cannot both be in the field together, nor can the “fielder” bat for a different person in the line-up. They can switch between themselves (hitter can become fielder and vice versa).
  • A male batter receiving a base on balls is awarded second base. The woman batting behind him has the option of taking first base or hitting.
  • If a male batter receives a base on balls – he may go directly to 2nd base without touching first and the runners currently occupying bases will advance as follows:
    1. Runner on first only—advances to third
    2. Runners on first and second—advance to third and home
    3. Runners on first, second, and third—all runners advance 2 bases
    4. Runner on second only—advance to third
    5. Runners on second and third—advance to third and home
    6. Runners on first and third—advance to third and home
    7. Runner on third only—does not advance


  • Each team will be responsible for maintaining a scorebook
  • Final scores are to be reported to Mike Makowiec or committee member (T-shirts).


  • If a player is injured, it must be reported to a committee member (special shirts) or tent where T-shirts are being sold.
  • 12” softball will be used
  • Plate and mat are both a strike
  • ‘6 to 12’ arc for pitching
  • “Mercy run rule” 20 after 3 innings, 15 after 4 innings, 10 after 5 innings. Home team does not have to bat after 5 innings for the mercy rule to be in effect. (example: In the 6th and 7th inning if the visitor team goes ahead by 10 runs the game is over. The home team will not have an opportunity to bat.) Mercy rule stays in effect for all games, even championship.
  • If a courtesy runner is needed, the person who made the last out on the team may pinch run once the batter has reached the base. Man for Man, Women for Woman. If a courtesy runner is stuck on base and his turn to bat comes up, he will continue as the runner and his at bat will be declared an out – strikeout in the scorebook. (Courtesy runners are at the player’s discretion—example: Player A asks for a runner in the 1st inning. Player A gets on base again in the 3rd inning and decides to run for himself. This is legal. He then gets on base again in the 6th inning and asks for a runner. This is still legal.)
  • No Stealing.
  • No leading off. Runners must wait until the ball is hit.
  • Scoring rule—Runners must cross the scoring line instead of touching home plate for their run to count. All plays at the plate will be a force out with the defensive player needing to have possession of the ball while touching home plate. If the defensive player tries to tag the runner instead of touching the plate, the runner will be safe.

    This rule is a safety rule that is designed to avoid collisions at home plate. It is not designed to punish a team on a technicality for inadvertently touching home plate or the mat when scoring a run when there is no play on the runner. If there is a play at home plate the rule will be enforced as stated. However, if there is no play at home plate and the player touches the plate or the mat instead of crossing the line, their team will receive a warning. Further violations will result in the run not counting—they will not be charged with an out.

  • There will be a commit line between third and home. Once a runner crosses this line they have committed to go home (no going back to third) and the force out/scoring line comes into play.
  • Each team will need to keep score. Any discrepancies need to be addressed to the home plate umpire. Each team captain and the umpire needs to sign the scorebook. Scorebooks will be provided.
  • On a third strike situation (batter has two strikes), if the batter fouls the ball, the batter will be called out. • 150’ line—players must stay behind this line until the ball is hit. If a team violates this rule the batter has the option to accept the outcome of the play or he/she may choose a do-over.
  • No metal cleats
  • All bats must be ASA approved for the 2019 season. Any illegal bat used will result in an out and the batter will be ejected. A second incident will result in ejection from the tournament. (We know shaved bats and rolled bats are out there. We are asking, for sake of safety, that you leave them home so you aren’t tempted to use them. We have considered providing bats that players have to use. We would prefer not to have to do this.)
  • Each team will be allowed to hit 1 homerun (over the fence) per inning. Any additional balls traveling over the fence will count as outs with no runner advancement.
  • All other rules will follow the 2019 ASA Men’s slow pitch rulebook.
  • Any rules not covered or protests will be handled by the tournament director


  • No pets allowed on school grounds or ball fields.
  • Behavior: No profanity. Continuous arguing with umpire or physical contact with umpire or any other player will result in ejection from game. Any second incident will result in ejection from the tournament.
  • Alcohol (including cigarettes and vaping) is forbidden on the field or on school grounds. If any player has alcohol in his/her possession on the field or on school grounds, they will be asked to leave. The umpire has the right to take action according to ASA rules in the event of improper conduct by any individual.
  • Substitution of a BAM Committee member is at the discretion of the committee.
  • This year’s ball will again be a 12” clincher.