tourney format

how everything works

This year’s tournament format will follow the same 4 bracket set-up as last year. It guarantees everyone 3 games. The first 2 games are played like a traditional double elimination tournament. Winners of round 1 play each other and losers of round 1 play each other. Once round 2 is completed, all teams will have played 2 games. Team records at this point will place you into one of the 4 following brackets:

A bracket : 2-0 (wins both pool games)

B bracket : 1-1 (wins round 1, loses round 2)

C bracket : 1-1 (loses round 1, wins round 2)

D bracket : 0-2 (loses both pool games)

Bracket play becomes a single elimination tournament in your bracket only. This single elimination bracket will be set up according to seeding with the number 1 seed being the team that allowed the fewest runs to be scored against them in rounds 1 and 2. Seeds 2-7 will be established the same way. In the event of a tie, we will use a coin toss (2 teams) or draw from a hat (more than 2 teams) to seed teams. In our 28 team bracket, seed #1 will earn a first round bye in bracket play.

A bracket winner : $500 plus championship t-shirts & plaque

B bracket winner : $400 plus tournament t-shirts & plaque

A bracket runner-up : $300

C bracket winner : $200

D bracket winner : $100

This year’s tournament format will be a standard 14 team double elimination bracket with a twist. The twist is the 6 double losers from Saturday will be in a single elimination bracket (we are calling it the “B” bracket) for Sunday.

In the event of rain delays, the B bracket may be cancelled on Sunday.


1st Place –$500 plus championship t-shirts & plaque

2nd Place–$400

3rd Place –$300

B Bracket winner–plaque, no cash prize

Field 1 – Varsity Baseball Field

Field 2 – J.V. Baseball Field